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Since its first season on the air, Ingenuity Engine has been ABC’s Happy Endings’ go-to VFX house, delivering top-quality, photo-real visual effects that helps elevate the funny of the cult comedy’s storylines.

During its three seasons on the air, our supervisors and artists delivered countless visual effects including: driving comps,paint-outs, screen burns, complicated split-screens, stunt enhancements, set extension, cityscape matte paintings, CG popcorn, and CG rain. As you'll see in the reel below, we also inserted the great city of Chicago into the background of many of their scenes, placed a full CG food truck on its side, and modeled and animated a full CG bird to attack Damon Wayans Jr.

Project Info

  • Visual EffectsIngenuity Engine
  • CreatorDavid Capse
  • ProducerSteven Mesner


Yet even with all that excitement, the highlight of our work for Happy Endings was a full baby replacement in a scene that was a crucial plot-point. The story called for a colicky baby and the infant-actor was unable to deliver. We shot new elements in our Hollywood studio, and inserted a new, upset baby into the original shot, saving the shots and saving the story.